caustic soda

Caustic Flakes

Caustic soda flakes (technical sodium hydroxide flakes) – flake mass of white color, very hygroscopic, very soluble in water and alcohol. The formula is NaOH. Technical sodium hydroxide flakes are obtained by evaporating of liquid caustic soda А grade.

Some Caustic Soda Uses

Metal and metal plating industries

Zinc, aluminum and galvanization production

Cotton industry

Textile and fabric and many other related industries

Milk, yogurt and various dairy products

Industrial fat eliminating and related industries

Plastic industry

Car industry and its parts production

Neutralization of acidity of water in drinking water treatment

Degreasing from the surface of animal skin in production of fat

Cellulosic fiber separation and paper pulp production that is the one of the most important and oldest consume using this chemical compound

Canning and dairy

Degreasing of crude oil and production of products related to petrochemistry

Production of hygienic products and cosmetics especially detergents such as soap and shampoo

Caustic Soda Packing

Caustic soda flake packing have different kind but there is very important item that must noted, this item is transporting and storing the sodium hydroxide flake if packing of sodium hydroxide flake have low quality the moisture of weather will penetrate into sodium hydroxide packing so the caustic soda flake will stick together and will turn into lump mode so the quality of sodium hydroxide flake will reduce and would not be use able after a little time.

Sodium hydroxide flake packing must be from two ply laminated polypropylene bags that sealed completely with strong polyester yarnو if using normal yarn for sealing the bags after a little time sodium hydroxide flake will solve the yarn.

Best Packing of Caustic soda flake would be 25 kg PP bags and for keeping away from injuries when transporting its better putting 25 kg bags in Jumbo bags.

Chemical Chart


Chemical formula: NaOH
Molecular weight: 40.01
Synonyms: White caustic, caustic soda, soda lye, lye
CAS number: 1310–73–2
Melting point: 318. 4°C
Boiling point: 1390°C
Specific gravity: 2.13
Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol and glycerol; insoluble in acetone and ether
General characteristics: White deliquescent solid


  • Diaphragm – standard grade caustic
  • Membrane – high purity, low salt, and low iron
  • Mercury cell – specialty, limited-quantity grade


  • 50% NaOH content is standard, and dilutions to a wide range of concentrations are available
  • Custom blends are available with a variety of additives

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